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Historical Value of the Kandy

At the point when you visit Sri Lanka you will find that in 1592 the city came to be viewed as the capital city of the final autonomous realm in Sri Lanka following the Portuguese success of the waterfront locales of the nation. At the point when you visit Sri Lanka you will find that the city of Kandy figured out how to safeguard its autonomy until 1815, when it went under British standard.

Kandy was a regal capital and the last fortress of the Kandyan lords against outside force, holding out against them for around 300 years. The two principle Buddhist Chapters are based here and framed the only remaining focal point of free Buddhist idea during frontier times. A significant part of the town’s appeal lies in the helter skelter game plan of its little shops. A significant number of the structures are pioneer and some are much more established. A considerable lot of Sri Lanka’s specialties and artworks thrive here, especially the silver and metal specialties just as adornments in customary structures. This market town is additionally the monetary focal point of the encompassing tea-delivering focal good countries.


Where is Kandy is Located in Sri Lanka

Situated in the focal point of southern Sri Lanka and amidst slopes of uncommon vegetal species, the Kandy Valley crosses a zone of tropical ranches. Kandy is the Capital of Kandy District.

Lying 115 km from Colombo, Kandy is Sri Lanka’s second greatest city and the capital of the focal territory. The bustling town is arranged in a valley at a height of 600m, inside a wide circle of the Mahaweli River and is encompassed by slopes secured with tropical vegetation. Home to the Sri Dalada Maligawa – the delightful sanctuary that houses the tooth relic of Lord Buddha – Kandy is additionally a mainstream quit during July/August when the yearly Esala Perehera (blessed celebration) riots of the city. The cool atmosphere of the slopes is an alleviation after the cloying warmth of the marshes, and the dazzling Kandy Lake and the drives around it are set in the midst of incredible picturesque magnificence.

How far is Kandy City from Colombo?

The distance from Colombo to Kandy is 115Kilometres to drive. Ways to travel from Colombo to Kandy.

  1. Train – Cheap, Comfortable and happening. Cost will be approximately LKR 440.
  2. Taxi or Uber – Not cheap but comfortable. Cost LKR 10,000 to LKR 12000
  3. Bus – Cheap but not so comfortable. Cost LKR 200
  4. Plane – Expensive but quick and comfortable. Cost LKR 30,000 – LKR 55,000.
Temple of the Tooth

What is famous in Kandy?

There are so many things a foreigner can do in Kandy. First thing to do in Kandy is Visiting Sri Dalada Maligawa. This is the heart of Sri Lankan Buddhists. I think it’s better to use word worship the TEMPLE OF TOOTH other than using visiting it.

Sri Lanka was ruled by several religious kings in the ruling period. The kings built some remarkable places and protect some holy things to protect the holy religious for future generations. As the one the sacred holy place THE TEMPLE OF TOOTH is also known as a historical heritage place which was located in the royal palace complex of the former kingdom of KANDY which houses the relic of the TOOTH OF LORD BUDDHA bulid by the King Vatta Gamini Abaya during the period of (103 B.C to 89 B.C.). This sacred holy temple is 300 years older which is now known as one of a world heritage. 

The tooth relic of the lord buddha was brought to Sri Lanka by prince Dhantha and princess Hemamali which she carried hidden in her hair. After, the tooth relic was brought to the ancient place Kandy by some Theros. King Wimaladarmasooriya was the founder and later the temple was modified by some rulers. Now this is the holy sacred place which is consists of the tooth relic, temple and a museum related to buddhist history. 

prince Dhantha and princess Hemamali

Prince Dhantha and Princess Hemamali

Temple of the tooth is believed to house the left upper canine tooth of Lord Buddha himself. lord Buddha’s canine teeth were preserved from the aches and are respected as the most holy relics of the religion. 

Temple of the tooth relic consists of three main buildings. Tooth buliding comex, Moat, Octagan, Golden Canopy, Museum, Royal palace, Queen bathing pevilion are sone main places inside the holy palace. 

Inside the holy place of tooth of temple is consist with the Brick wall which runs along the moat and lake which is known as Water Wave Walls. In the main entrance there is a moonstone which regarding the symbol. Stone carvings, Guardian stones, Drummers chamber, Ivory carved, Golden fence, the holes of lightning lamps, the art of Prince and Princess are some important and special architectural styles. 

There are some special events happening everyday inside the holy temple. Chapter conduct daily worships, Rituals performance for three times a day are some. On every wednesday there is a symbolic barhing of the relic tooth with an herbal preparations made from scented water and floral. This holy water is beleived to contain healing powers and is distributed among the people those presents on the day. 

Esala Perahara in Kandy

There is a special holy festival called ESALA PERAHARA ( THE ESALA OF TOOTH RELIC ) which is conducting by theros every year starts on the month of July to August. This was the grand festival ( Festival of Tooth) which is celebrated with elegant costumes. The above Festival is celebrating annually to pay homage to the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. The festival is all above colorful with traditional dance, fire dance, whip dance, Kandian dance, other cultural dance and the elephants which are dressed with lavish garments. On the day of festival, the holy place is crowded as they are paying homage to the holy tooth relic. 

The Holy place Temple of the tooth is surrounded by such a beautiful nature and it is now an important place in Ceylon tourism which is annually marking a huge number of attendance.

Above all the significant of this world heritage site, now the temple of tooth has become a vital place of worship for Buddhists across the world by today…!

Opening Hours – temple 5.30am-8pm, puja 5.30-6.45am, 9.30-11am & 6.30-8pm

Cost – $ 8 per adult and free for children

Tip – Wear clothes that cover your legs and your shoulders.Also do not forget to remove your shoes when you enter.

Royal Botanical Gardens

1. Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya

If you go Kandy this a must visit place. If you are huge devotees of rambling city parks, and the Royal Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya, the biggest and generally broad in Sri Lanka, are among the best you can visit than anyplace on the planet.

On the off chance that these nurseries feel madly fabulous, this is on the grounds that they were earlier held solely for Kandyan royals to walk around before they were changed into the Botanic Gardens in1821 at the command of the decision British.

Today, even measly ordinary people like us are permitted to meander the grounds, which are currently home to more than 10,000 trees spread across 60 hectares. The nurseries likewise feature all of Sri Lanka’s interesting greenery alongside agent species from all around the tropical world.

Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya

We unquestionably suggest visiting the noteworthy and absolutely insta-commendable road of imperial palms; a wonderful tree-lined pathway in the inside of the nurseries. The well-known Orchid garden and powerful Cannonball tree, planted by King George and Queen Mary during their visit in 1901, are additionally totally worth the visit. At the point when you’re finished touring, there are additionally various broad yards in which to unwind and get away from the Sri Lankan heat.

We prescribe remembering the nurseries for a day visit schedule.

Cost – $ 8 per person

Tip – You can hire a tuk to this place for around $ 2

A less expensive option is to get the number 644 transport from close to the Kandy Clock Tower, which will take you straightforwardly to the Garden, for around LKR 20.

Beautiful view of Kandy Lake Sri Lanka

2. Do not Miss the Walk around the Kandy Lake

Exactly the most attractive thing of Kandy is the Kandy Lake; shockingly serene regardless of the clamoring street that breezes around it, and the scenery to a considerable lot of the city’s significant attractions including the Temple of the Tooth Relic, and Udawattakele Forest save.

Temple of the Tooth Relic - Kandy Sri Lanka
Temple of the Tooth Relic
Udawattakele Forest - Sri Lanka
Udawattakele Forest – Sri Lanka

The counterfeit lake was worked in 1807 by Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, the last leader of the realm of Kandy, who needed to manufacture a conduit to find a workable pace side of the valley. Things didn’t exactly go to design however. The nearby clans fought the work, so, all things considered the lord requested they be killed on stakes. Grisly.

After its fulfillment, the island in the center was utilized for Sri Wickrama Rajasinha’s own collection of mistresses. At the point when the British in the long run moved in during the mid-1800s, the island become an ammo store.

The unspoiled lake is the ideal spot to get your direction in Kandy, and to see a portion of the neighborhood natural life – at a certain point, we pondered to be assaulted by a crocodile, just to acknowledge it was an incredibly huge screen reptile! Be careful their backends however, they have a might solid tail whip that you would prefer not to be forced to bear.

kandy lake sri lanaka

It takes about an hour to walk the lake’s perimeter (simply over 3kms), and our preferred part was around the zone beside the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

No cost.

 Kandy City

Temples with ancient value around Kandy City

The Temple of the Sacred Tooth relic may be the most significant of Kandy’s sanctuaries, yet it’s certainly by all account not the only sanctuary worth visiting.

Bounce in a tuk and escape the buzzing about of downtown Kandy for the day to the lavish wide open of Gampola, where various Kandyan-period sanctuaries places of worship despite everything stand gladly over green fields and calm winding paths.

Three of these sanctuaries, Gadaladeniya Viharaya, Embekke, and Lankathilaka structure the appropriately named ‘three sanctuary circle’, and fill in as a living history to Sri Lanka’s broad buddhist legacy and craftsmanship.

Gadaladeniya viharaya - Sri Lanka
Gadaladeniya viharaya – Sri Lanka
Embekke Temple
Embekke Temple

We prescribe visiting the three sanctuary circle and The Royal Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya in one day as a component of a tuk-tuk visit.

Cost – LKR 300 per each temple

Old City of Kandy
Old City of Kandy

Work down to the Old City of Kandy

We love the hurrying around of neighborhood markets, particularly in Sri Lanka. There’s continually something to see, somebody to meet, or all the more critically for visitors is, something to eat.

Situated in the middle of Sri Delada Veediya road and Colombo street, the old town of Kandy is home to a maze of market stores offering everything from materials to incense. The noisy and riotous roads are loaded up with nearby Kandyans approaching their everyday business, and we thought that it was an extraordinary spot to figure out the ‘genuine’ Kandy.

A few sights worth looking at inside the old town incorporate the Giragama Walawwa, the most seasoned walawwa (previous regal structure) in Kandy, the memorable and shocking Red Mosque of Kandy, or the brilliant Kataragama Devalaya Hindu sanctuary.

Kandy to Ella

Train ride from Kandy to Ella

They state that the excursion is the thing that matters, not the goal – and we need to concede, with regards to Sri Lanka they may simply be correct.

Saying this doesn’t imply that that the goals in the tear isle aren’t mind blowing (they are!); it’s simply that the clackety train tracks from Kandy to Ella are home to likely the most madly pleasant train ride in the whole world.

Regardless of whether you’re sitting in the entryway of a packed carriage with your feet dangling over the tracks, or half-dropping out the window from your seat inside as you strain your neck out the window the best view; twisting through foggy timberlands, verdant tea manors, over spouting cascades and streams, and past beautiful towns and sensitive local people will be one of the most important excursions of your life.

Kandy to Ella

Past the epic perspectives, the vibe is the thing that makes this train ride so unique. Get ready to be met by the absolute most authentic grins you’ll ever experience; gatherings of local people singing, playing drums, or moving (or doing each of the three!), sellers hurrying through with jars brimming with sweet chai, and each window or entryway packed with the heads of travelers and local people the same, all gazing in shock at the perspectives and bumping for the best perspectives.

At the point when we originally visited Sri Lanka is 2016, the Kandy to Ella train ride was at this point to truly become showbiz royalty, anyway because of its as of now ubiquity, you have to book your movement ahead of time (generally 1 – 2 days earlier). The train may likewise be very packed (particularly during top season), so be cautioned you may need to push your direction onto the train (as long as you do this consciously it won’t cause offense).

Second rate class might be the least expensive choice, yet as we would like to think it’s additionally the best, as it permits you to sit/hang out of the entryways, and is loaded up with inviting local people quick to assist you with making the most of your experience.

Tip: the most beautiful piece of the excursion is from Nanu Oya to Ella, through the thick timberland of the Horton Plains national park, so we prescribe getting the seat by the window or remaining in the middle of the entryways, and appreciating the perspectives as they cruise by.

Sri Dalada Museum
Sri Dalada Museum

Sri Dalada Museum

The most recent foundation added to the Dalada Shrine is the ‘Sri Dalada Museum’. Since the time the Tooth Relic sanctuary was set up in Kandy, various evaluations of guests and fans, running from Royalty and Heads of States to the most unfortunate of the overall population, have been offering different blessings to the Sacred Tooth Relic, and these were vitally ensured in uncommonly fabricated store-rooms by the progressive line of Diyawadana Nilames.

On the activity of the past Diyawadana Nilame, Neranjan Wijeratne, it was concluded that these important relics ought to be made accessible out there for anyone to see. On the greeting of the Diyawadana Nilame, the Museum has now been delightfully planned and sorted out by Prof.Leelananda Prematilleke, the Archeological Director of the UNESCO-Sri Lanka Project of the Cultural Triangle, together with his group of officials.

The Dalada Museum is situated on the first and the second floors of the new wing called the Alut Maligawa set up by one of the past Diyawadana Nilemes, T.B.Nugawela.

The presentation on the principal floor comprises of authentic records from when the Tooth Relic was brought to Sri Lanka to the hour of the British guideline, the 1765 Dutch Plan of the Palace Complex, Lists of the Chief Prelates of the two ascetic foundations of Malwatta and Asgiriya, who were answerable for the security of the Tooth Relic, Lists of Kandyan Kings and the representation busts and arrangements of the long queue of Diyawadana Nilames, the Royal pieces of clothing of ruler Kirti Sri Rajasinha, the Pingo utilized by the lord in the Buddha-puja administration, and the latest revelations of painting remains that were presented because of the bomb impact brought about by Tamil Tigers in January 1998. The photographic showcase incorporates a portion of the significant locales where the holy Tooth Relic was revered during that time and a huge cluster of pictures delineating the boundless harm caused to the Dalada maligawa because of the bomb impact.

Among the things visible on the subsequent floor are verifiable antiquities utilized in the day by day ceremonial services of the Tooth Relic hallowed place, coffins, Buddha statues and run of the mill Kandyan gold and silver adornments studded with valuable pearl stones, all gave by the aficionados. Likewise visible on this floor are some uncommon shows of extraordinary chronicled and strict worth. These incorporate (a) the silver water pot offered by ruler Kirti Sri Rajasimha , (b) Silver hanging light offered by lord Rajadhi Rajasinha, (c) the painted reproduction of Buddha’s Foot Print sent by lord Borom Kot of Thailand when he sent a few priests to build up the Higher Ordination on Sinhala priests headed by Venerable Walivita Saranankara ( who became Sangharaja in this way), (d) The special Relic Casket containing materially relics of the incomparable Thera Moggliputta who headed the Third Dhamma Council held by Emperor Asoka in the third century BC, and so forth. Other noteworthy shows incorporate antiquated banners, coins, cut ivory tusks gave by Burma, dedicatory cut plaques, and so forth. A visit to this most excellent presentation would obviously give a knowledge into the wonder that was Kandyan Heritage, her Culture and the Arts.

Is it worth visiting Kandy

Yes, going through on the above points we can realize that how many things that we can do and Make addition to our traveling diary.

How many days we should spend in Kandy

If you have time spend two to three days in Kandy. Plan your trip well and visit enchanting palaces in Kandy and enjoy yourself.

When to visit Kandy?

October to November is the “rainstorm” season for Kandy, and it’s really the time Bradley and I visited. We didn’t have a lot of decision in the issue, yet it just came down one day after 2 pm, so it truly wasn’t really awful.

Regularly, the best time to visit is between December to April as the climate is dry and lovely. Be that as it may, in any case, you can make it work with some vital day action arranging.

Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge – Hotel

Where to stay in Kandy

There are so many hotels, villas, Apartments in Kandy City and around. Do not forget to try a cup of Ceylon tea in this loving and ancient city. All things considered, 3-star lodgings in Kandy cost £26 every night, and 4-star inns in Kandy are £52 every night. In case you’re searching for something extremely unique, a 5-star lodging in Kandy can on normal be found for £108 every night.

You can try some of following hotels.

1.Heven Breeze

2. Kandy Hills

3. Ceylon Breeze Kandy

4. Santani Resort & Spa

5. Arunya Nature Resorts & Spa

6. Madulkelle Tea and Eco Lodge

Visit Kandy city and surroundings you will have a great and unforgettable memories definitely.

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