Seema Malaka – The Gangarama Buddhist Temple – Colombo

Seema Malaka Temple is a part of the complex of Gangaramaya Temple which is situated in the heart of Colombo. When you come from Colombo Fort to south side of the Colombo on Sir James Peris road you will find the Beira Lake and the Gangaramaya Temple Complex. Wind from the Beira and the green color water in the lake will make you feel fresh. Seema Malaka Temple is dwelling on the Beira Lake in this Gangaramaya Temple Complex. This can be state as a meditation center. Also it uses as an assembling point of monks.

Nowadays this temple has became a highly tourist attracted place in the Colombo city. The surrounding and the lake area of this temple make this place suitable for couples to visit. Seema Malaka temple is visited by lots of foreign and local visitors including young couples and children.

seemamalakata temple

The Seema Malaka Temple is an elegant deign by famous architect Sir Geffrey Bawa. First this Seema Malaka Temple was built on the 19 centaury in the marshy land of Beria Lake. Unfortunately this temple could not stand on those marshy lands because of the water floor of the Beria Lake and it was slowly sunk in to the water. In 1976   Sri Lankan government hired Sir Geffrey Bawa to redesign it. Sir Geffrey Bawa was a high skilled, significant architect in Asia of the 20th Centuries. He finished this difficult construction successfully.

Seema Malaka

The temple is on the three elevated platforms in the lake connected by bridges. This temple is little bit small and created very neatly. The central platform has lots of Asian seated Buddha’s statues which made by stones.  After we pass these statues we can enter in to the temple. Seema Malaka Temple has covered with slatted wooden walls. Inside the temple is very comfortable and a calm place. This is mainly used for meditations and yoga activities. Inside the temple we see a large Buddha statue flanked by two huge elephant tusks.

The Court Yard is the important part of this Seema Malaka Temple. There is a small, adorable Bo tree on this area. This Bo tree is an offshoot of the original sacred Bo tree in Anuradhpura.  This Bo tree is sounded by different size Lord Buddha statues. There is a small Stupa next to the largest Lord Buddha statuein the court yard.  In the four corners of the court yard we can see small cages with wooden doors. Inside of those rooms we can find statues of Hindu gods. There we can see a special Buddha statue came from Thailand right behind the main court yard.

The northern platform is sealed and it ends at the room called the “Treasury of the Truth”. This is a library which can be accessible only by monks.

Most Actrative places around Seema Malakaya

There is a museum in the Seema Malaka Temple.  The temple museum is consisting of two large rooms. In this museum we can see lots of jewel items which have a financial, artistic and ancient value, some Sanskrit Ola Leaf manuscripts, gems, other type stones, carvings made by sandalwood and ivory, brass god statues, Oil lamps, lots of Lord Buddha images, elephant tusks, statues of lord Buddha and Hindu gods, Coins, Old Clocks, Porcelain items, etc.

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