Colombo Dutch Museum

Talking about the attractions of Colombo, we must talk about the Colombo Dutch Museum. This can be found on little bit bustle area called Pettah. This must be on the list of places to see in Colombo One day tour. If you do shopping in Colombo you cannot miss this place.  This is a heavily tourists attracted place in Colombo. When you entered in to the Prince Street in Pettah you will see a huge, white building standing over this crowded city with an ancient look.


This building has been made in the late 17th century by Dutch people who invaded Sri Lanka. This Colombo Dutch Museum was the residence of Dutch Governor Thomas Van Rhee. On 1697 this building was sold to the Dutch East India Company. They used this building as a Seminary House. When British come to Sri Lanka they used this building as a police training center, Military hospital and a post office. During this time British did some additions to this building.  After all in 1982 this building was announced as a Dutch Museum in Colombo.


Around this museum we can find lots of market shops and antique shops. First take the entrance tickets and go in to the first hall. This hall describes you the pre Dutch period of Sri Lanka. Paintings and the collected things in this hall explain the arrival of Dutch to Sri Lanka. There is a huge painting which shows first visit of Dutch to Sri Lanka.

Then go forward to the next hall. There we can see a huge world map drew on the wall. This hall basically explains the details of the Dutch East India Company. The most important paining in this Colombo Dutch Museum 2nd hall is painting of the Admiral General Hulft. He was the Admiral of the Dutch fleet and the commander of the Forces in 1655.  Admiral General Hulft is the commander of the fleet who assailed Colombo. There is another interesting painting which shows Dutch fleet coming towered the Sri Lanka on their ships on the stormy Indian Ocean. This painting is a gift from Amsterdam Historical Museum to Colombo Dutch Museum. In this section we can see a Dutch Ship on display. There are some spice containers also. These are here because Spices were the main selling goods from Sri Lanka to west. Near the ship we can see a cannon gun also for Display.


Next section takes us to the history of Sri Lanka. This section shows how the Sri Lanka was when Dutch arrives. In here we can see some jewelry items, images, Coins, paintings of old Sri Lanka. Going though in this section we can take a better idea of Sri Lankan life style, Religious States and cultural background had when Dutch arrive.


Next we can enter in to a small hall containing Dutch style furniture. Also here we can see some dressing styles presented using dummies.

There is a beautiful garden behind the building. You will be surprised there is a calm and beautiful garden inside this building on the bustle Pettah. This garden has some fruit and spice plants.

The museum is open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. The ticket counter closes at 4.30 p.m.

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