Diyatha Park – Best tourist Places in Colombo

Diyatha Uyana is one of the best tourist places in Colombo. This Diyatha Park is located in the banks of Diyawannawa Oya in Battaramulla near water’s Edge. It was opened in September 2012. Diyatha Park is situated close to Sri Lankan Parliament Complex. This is a human made circular park.

Diyatha Park is a famous place of Colombo points of interest. This can be easily reached from the Sri Lankan Air Port. The greenery and calm environment is ideal for anyone to relax. Diyatha Uyana is a suitable place for couples even for families to spend their day away from the busy city environment

diyayja park - Sri Lanka

This park contains walking paths. Lake Bank nicely built with foot paths, turfs benches and flower plants. Diyatha Uyana is a place to go with your girlfriend or boyfriend and walk on those paths in the evening, chat while sitting on the benches and relax with the wind coming from the lake side.

Also you can visit the lovely aquarium with colorful fish in the middle of stalls at Diyatha Park. This is an open aquarium with fifteen fish tanks. Moving fish can make human mind calm, go there and experience it. There are benches around this aquarium and you can watch “fish moves” while sitting on those benches. This aquarium attracts many kids in crowd gathered in this park.

Diyatha park Battaranulla

This actually not only a relaxing point or an enjoyable park, it has a good market containing with 164 shops including handy craft stalls, flower plant stores, food item stalls and cloth stalls etc. Paintings, Flower pots, fertilizers, fresh fruits, Bathik items, Seeds and vegetables also can buy from here.

In middle of the park you can find the restaurant area which has 12 restaurants.  Also there is a floating restaurant which is operated by water’s Edge together with the Sri Lankan Navy.   In Diyatha Uyana you can do boat rides with swan boats on the lake. There is a children’s play area at Diyatha Uyana. In Diyatha Uyana they have a separate car park and a ferry service. Using the ferry service will be a memorable and enjoyable experience for every visitor.

Diyatha Station - Sri Lanka

As you know Diyatha Uyana is made near by the banks of Diyawanna Oya and in a wet land you can see lots of geese, duck pelican and many other Asian birds at this park. Most of birds at Diyatha Park are familiar with humans. So You can take photographs with them.

Some people come to Diyatha Park regularly to do exercises. They use the park’s long chain of foot paths for jogging.

Diyatha Uyana is a park which is well kept and clean. In the evening Diyatha Uyana is a very lovely place because of the sun set and the shimmering waters of the Diyawanna Lake. 

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