Sigiriya – World heritage Ancient City of Sri Lanka

What is Sigiriya famous for?

Sigiriya is famous for its castle ruins on a natural built rock encompassed by the remaining parts of a broad system of nurseries, repositories and different structures. The stone itself is a magma plug left over from an antiquated long terminated fountain of liquid magma. It is likewise eminent for its antiquated works of art (frescoes), which are like those found at Ajanta Caves in India. It is commonly concurred, in any case, that the Sigiriya Frescoes show an exceptionally Sri Lankan style.

The Interesting Story of Sigiriya

The king Kashyapa was hoping to have the throne of Sri Lanka after his father, King DathuSena. But King DathuSena decided to give his throne to his youngest son prince Mugallan because he believed that his eldest son is not a person with good qualities to be a king. King Kashyapa understood his father King DathuSena’s desire and entombed him with in a wall while he was alive. Meanwhile King Kashyapa’s younger brother prince Mugalan was in South India. Prince Mugalan heard this bad news and prepared an army to fight against his brother. King Kashyapa feared and move to Sigiriya from Anuradhapura. He selected this rock to build a fortress to hide from his angry brother. 

He made a palace for himself and changed this rock into the eighth wonder of the world. Sigiriya rock is a UNESCO world Heritage site.

Location of Sigiriya

This Sigiriya Lion rock is located in between Dambulla and Habarana. This is in in the northern Matale District, Central Province, Sri Lanka. After climbing this rock fortress, you canvisit other close by social destinations including Dambulla Cave Temple or the medieval stronghold of Polonnaruwa. You can likewise go on safari here – Minneriya National Park is an extraordinary option in contrast to the busier stops in the south, it despite everything brags a wide range Sri Lanka’s untamed life, including the notable panther, elephant and sloth bear.

How Long does it take to climb Sigiriya?

Climbing at this notorious Sri Lankan site, will take somewhere in the range of 1.5 hours to 3 hours. (Contingent upon your wellness, age and the crowd on the day.)

There are somewhere in the range of 1,200 stages to the highest point of the stone, where you will be remunerated with all-encompassing perspectives and unquestionably, a feeling of achievement for finishing the ascension.

The trip begins gradually with more extensive ways and stairs, and steadily arrives at the Lion Staircase – where the means become smaller, more extreme and lopsided.

To see the renowned cavern frescoes, there’s a confined outside round staircase of around four levels on the stone – which you climb and plunge once you have seen the cavern artworks. (You can’t take photographs of the frescoes.)

The last piece of the trip (starting at the Lion Staircase) is smaller and on the stone – however there are handrails and side watchmen.

Is Sigiriya hard climbing?

No, definitely not, with the smoother and refreshing wind it is really interesting to climb those 1200 steps when you go up you will feel like you should climb again. the view from the top, where you can delay and take in the broad all-encompassing wide open of coconut trees and mountain ranges, just as the heavenly cavern works

of art, put forth it worth the attempt and effort. Also I can say with a guaranty this is a very safe place to climb.

Sigiriya Rock

The best time to climb Sigiriya

I suggest to climb in the morning because at times of the day can be busy with other locals and foreigners. Do not forget to take water with you and to wear comfortable.You can take seat while you climb to take a breath and also can take photos.

Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya Rock

The King Kashyapa made the entrance of the palace through a mouth of a lion; it adds a proud look to the palace of Sigiriya. Because of this stone paws of a lion we call Sigiriya “Lion Rock” however, day by day, the head collapsed, leaving only the paws. The astounding height at which the castle was built, the many nooks and crannies holding centuries-old cherished secrets, and the still functioning water fountains in the fortress’s extensive gardens all offer a world of wonder to all those who visit. 

Sigiriya consists with all features in the kingdom such as flower gardens, lakes, caves etc. Several ponds are located in the top of the Sigiriya. Water for this water gardens come from the underground pipes system. This system is also active in rain season. Today engineers and architects could not understand the watering system of Sigiriya. 

Ancient City of Sigiriya

Sigiriya as an UNESCO World Heritage site

Sigiriya in Sri Lanka was declared as a World Heritage site in 1982 they basically considered the water engineering, horticulture and urban planning of the Sigiriya. This Sigiriya in Sri Lanka also known as the 8th wonder of the world

Sigiriya frescoes Paintings

Most of the people climb Sigiriya in order to watch the drawings in Sigiriya. Those are very beautiful.

Most of the peoples believes those drawings shows the ladies who was gone for warship the Buddha. But some peoples give various interpretations for these paintings.

They say those paintings describes Angeles. According to the legends and references there was 500 paintings in Sigiriya, but today 22 drawings only exists. 

Mirror Wall

Another important part of Sigiriya is the Mirror Wall. The mirror wall in Sigiriya is a face of the rock polished as the mirror.

This is another example for great technique in ancient Sri Lanka. In this wall peoples who visit Sigiriya wrote thousands of poems to describe their experience.

Those are describing the beauty of the drawings. These poems wrote in ancient language in Sri Lanka.   

 How to travel to Sigiriya

You can reach Sigiriya by ways in down.

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Fly from Diyawannawa
  • Fly from Colombo

The cheapest way to get from Colombo to Sigiriya is to bus which costs LKR 1100 – LKR 1500 and takes 4h 17m.

The quickest way to get from Colombo to Sigiriya is to fly which costs LKR 36000 – LKR 75000 and takes 1h 3m.

The distance between Colombo and Sigiriya is 150 km. The road distance is 165.7 km.

The train will cost LKR 1350 – LKR 1800, Taxi will take LKR 14,000 – 17,000 and if you fly from Diyawannawa it will cost LKR 56,000 – 100,000.

Tickets to Sigiriya

Tickets to Sigiriya

Now you can purchase tickets on line or at the entrance. The online service enables you to purchase tickets for:

Sigirya ‘All’ – USD30

Sigiriya Museum – USD5

Polonnaruwa – USD25

Anuradhapura – USD25

The prices shown are per adult ‘foreigner’ (the site’s terminology). Children (aged 6-12) are half price.

The tickets are not date/time stamped. They are valid from 90 days after placing the order.

 Visit to book tickets online

I think every traveler in Sri Lanka must visit Sigiriya. If you visit Sigiriya in the early morning you can climb up Sigiriya within three to four hours and enjoy the eateries near Sigiriya and have fresh and tasty Sri Lankan food.  

Where to stay in Sigiriya

Where to stay in Sigiriya

If you plan to climb Sigiriya in the morning it is better to reach Sigiriya in the evening and stay in a nearby hotel. Then you can wake up in late morning freshly, have a cup of Sri Lankan tea with a delicious Sri Lankan breakfast and get ready to visit the most ancient and happening site Sigiriya in Sri Lanka. If you planning to stay in a hotel nearby Sigiriya you can try following hotels. There are hotels to stay starting from $40.

  • Hotel Sigiriya.
  • JetwingVilUyana.
  • Sigiriya Village Hotel.
  • Elephant Corridor Hotel.
  • Wild Grass Nature Resort.
  • Thick Forest. View Hotel. …
  • Aliya Resort and Spa.

Things to do around Sigiriya

  1. A day tour of Minneriya National Park.

Seeing elephants is a very enjoyable thing which you can do around Sigiriya. The best place for this is Minneriya National Park.

This park is just 15 Km away from Sigiriya and very famous for attracting massive herds of elephants all throughout the dry season. Not only elephants, other wild life, beautiful birds are available to see in this park.

You can enter the park by paying $15 per person and the you have to rent out a jeep safari for the day.

2. Visit Kaudulla National Park.

Nearby Minneriya National Park, you’ll find Kaudulla National Park.This is in Habarana which is very close to Sigiriya. This also very similler to Minneriya National Park but can see more types of birds.

Here also visitors can connect with large herds of elephants during the dry season. Do not forget to go a Safari, a bumpy ride through this natural beautiful place.

3. Climb Pidurangala Rock and take a selfie

Climb Pidurangala Rock

Do not miss the Pidurangala Rock. This is situated it’s situated right next to Sigiriya Rock. However, it is in itself a very impressive site.

It’s is high and offers a breathtaking view out across the surrounding forestland. Do not forget to take a selfie. You can see the Sigiriya in a fine view on the top of the rock.

Many people choose to climb Sigiriya Rock early in the morning and then walk up Pidurangala Rock to catch the sunset.

You’re welcome to do each one after the other, but it will be tiring and you’d be walking in the midday sun.

4. Cycling around Sigiriya

Cycling around Sigiriya

With such a great amount to see and do in the zone, numerous guests rather select to enlist out bikes and investigate the entirety of the Sigiriya attractions themselves.

A great part of the excellence of Sigiriya can be found in the encompassing open country, so you don’t should be at a genuine site so as to make some extraordinary memories.

It merits addressing your picked lodging or inn as there’s an opportunity they will have a few bikes you can take out for nothing.

5.Visit Sigiriya Museum

The Sigiriya Archeological Museum is situated in the same compound as the Sigiriya Rock Ticket Counter office.

When you’ve paid your $30 extra charge, this at that point covers you to visit the historical center also.

What’s more, you should, as it offers more top to bottom history about the Sigiriya Citadel, just as data about the Lion Rock Fortress and remains they have uncovered close by.

6. Experience the Air balloon rides

Air balloon rides - Sri Lanka

Air Balloon rides are available around Sigiriya which is unquestionably one of the most remarkable activities in Sigiriya!

A couple of organizations work all through the zone, each offering dawn sight-seeing balloon rides.

In the event that you get it on a reasonable, radiant day, at that point the perspectives on the sun ascending out over the encompassing wilderness shades is genuinely fantastic!

7. Visit the Dambulla Cave temple.

The humble community of Dambulla is a decent spot to visit, however you are constrained in what to do there. It is the village next to Sigiriya.

We remained for one night, yet it is conceivable to just visit for a couple of hours. It just takes about an hour to get from Dambulla to Sigiriya.

You can visi the Dambulla cave temple while you stay in Dambulla.

Do not miss that golden experience.

It is an exceptionally remarkable detect that houses in excess of a hundred Buddha statues, all impeccably cut and protected within singular cavern sanctuaries.

There are 5 collapses all out, each containing one of a kind structures.

It merits procuring a manual for show you around. They charge around 1,000 LKR and can show you more the spot’s mind blowing chronicled noteworthiness.

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